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Dr. Gregg Soffer

Dr. Gregg Soffer has proudly been a part of the Levittown, PA community for over 20 years.  Dr. Soffer is a graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry class of 1997.  Dr. Soffer constantly educates himself in the field of dentistry by taking advanced training courses and being a member of continuing education dental study clubs.  This advanced training allows Dr. Soffer to provide the most modern techniques for his patients.


Prior to serving the Levittown area, Dr. Gregg Soffer proudly provided dental services to active duty soldiers in the United States Army from 1998-2001, including mobilizations with over 1500 soldiers.

 Dr. Soffer was educated in computer engineering with a special emphasis on computer software and hardware design from the  Temple University School of Information Sciences class of 1993  .  


Dr. Gregg Soffer and his father Dr. Melvin Soffer have been a part of the Levittown Community since 1970, and have provided with respect and dignity the highest quality dentistry for their patients.

About Us


Emergency Dentistry


Dr. Soffer's office will always try to schedule you an appointment on the same day  as your emergency.

The office specializes in Oral Surgery and has special instruments specifically  at our office  which rolls a tooth painlessly out of the mouth, as opposed to pulling a tooth out, which is much less painful.

The office also can do many root canals in office-- but we have relationships with nearby specialists, who will also see you on the same day to take you out of pain.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Dr. Soffer is a master technician and uses state of the art all porcelain crowns, and the newest pressed porcelain techniques for  spectacular looking crowns and veneers.  All cosmetic procedures can be completed with almost no pain.

Teeth Whitening


Dr. Soffer's office uses a state of the art at home teeth whitening technique.  We use a range of chemistry that goes from the most mild least sensitive to the most aggressive bleach on the market.

Dental Filling
Dr. Soffer's office can do white fillings on the front and back teeth.  The office proudly features the ESPE product line, which is one of the highest quality filling materials on the market.
Routine Exams


The American Dental Association recommends a  yearly checkup  to maintain optimal dental health.

Dr. Soffer's office does a comprehensive exam which covers your teeth, your gums, and a thorough oral cancer exam.

Dr. Soffer's office can make a patient the most beautiful set of dentures, taking them from no teeth to smiling, chewing, and eating normally within a couple of days.
We also use the latest technology for implant retained dentures which "snap-in" like a button on a pair of jeans.
Dental Hygiene


Dr. Soffer's office take pride in not only keeping your teeth healthy,  but also your gums.  Our offices provides the highest quality cleaning, and use ultrasonic technology to keep your gums healthy.

Our Services


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Dr. Gregg Soffer D.M.D.
Sylvia Prawdzik R.D.H.
Our Dentists


I found a nagging pain in the back of my throat, which caused me to see several doctors and specialists.  They told me they couldn't find anything abnormal.  At the same time, I was having a toothache, and mentioned it to my dentist, D. Gregg Soffer, about the pain in my throat.  Dr. Soffer did a very thorough examination and found a hard lump at the back of my tongue.  We called an oral surgeon to get an immediate visit for a biopsy, which turned out to be cancerous.  Because it was located in a difficult place to operate, the oral surgeon referred me to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist.  The surgeon told me to "give my dentist a great big hug".  Dr. Soffer not only saved my tooth, but he also saved my life.  I will forever be grateful.

Janet M.

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